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Amuri Venture Ready-to-Wear Men’s Barefoot Sandals


Product Description

The ready-to-wear barefoot sandal you can use for walking, hiking, yoga, working out, paddling, biking, even running 100-mile ultramarathons.

Do everything. Go everywhere. Naturally.

Start enjoying your Xero Shoes just moments after they arrive in your mailbox.

Unlike our DIY kits, or even our Custom-Made Xero Shoes, the Sensori Venture is 100% ready-to-wear.

We’re really excited to introduce the new colors: Camo and Ocean Camo. Each one is hand-made, so no two are alike.

Xero Shoes Camo Barefoot SandalXero Shoes Ocean Camo Barefoot Running Sandal

Why you’ll love the Venture:

  • Six fun colors — Charcoal (with a reflective black toe lace), Royal Blue (with a reflective blue toe lace), Lime Green, Pink, plus NEW Camo and Ocean Camo
  • Our exclusive FeelTrue® rubber outsoles, the only sole material made specifically for barefoot sandals. 5.5mm thick for great ground feel with the protection you want
  • Elegant contour to hold your foot, but without unnecessary support
  • Pre-laced — just slide in your foot and go
  • Patent-pending tension adjustment system — find the perfect fit in seconds, and then you can slide your Xeros on and off in a flash.
  • Super soft toe post — since the huaraches-inspired lacing goes around your entire foot, you don’t feel the toe post the way you do in a flip flop or other thong sandal
  • Super STRONG toe post — won’t pull through the sole like flip flops do
  • Heel cup — keeps your heel in place, helps keep out debris, and adds a splash of color
  • Silicone Achilles strap — makes the lacing feel “not there”
  • Elevated ankle holes — the lace never touches the ground, and so it won’t abrade
  • 5,000 mile warranty! Wear out your Ventures in under 5,000 miles and we’ll replace them for the cost of shipping and handling (details here)


Get the right size for your Sensori Venture

Sandals don’t fit the same way that shoes do, and the sizing isn’t quite the same.
Click here for sizing instructions and make sure you get the right Sensori Venture for you (opens a new tab).

How to adjust your Ventures for a perfect fit

Follow these simple video instructions to get the “just right” tension.

We want to make sure you get the correct size and enjoy your Sensori Ventures. If you have any questions, call us at +61 414 265 398 or email us

Product Reviews

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  1. 5 Star Review


    (Posted by on 27th Dec 2016)

    My feet have never felt better since wearing these.

  2. 5 Star Review

    So comfy it doesn't need breaking in!

    (Posted by on 2nd Dec 2016)

    I opened the package, out them on and feel in love.
    They are comfortable, and from my friend's review, the new lacing system is an improvement over the former do-it-yourself version.
    I ordered a size slightly bigger than my shoe size (usually 11.5, so ordered 12), and that will allow me to trim it to my foot size.
    They offer the freedom of flip flops but the straps keep them secure. Light enough to pack in carry-on for travel.
    My flatmate tried them on and instantly decided to order a pair for himself too!
    Will try running in them to see how that feels.
    Already getting compliments.

  3. 4 Star Review

    Does what it ways on the tin

    (Posted by on 22nd Aug 2016)

    I'm still very new to my Amuri Ventures. I've used them for walking around for a few days and have been on a couple of road runs. So far, so good.
    I'm still getting used to them but really like them. They feel pretty secure and the sole is exactly what I was after. Light, flexible and reassuringly protective against sticks and stone and what not. My confidence in running with my feet open to the elements is growing. I think they're really going to come into their own when the hotter weather starts.

  4. 5 Star Review

    Loving em! Next best thing to barefoot.

    (Posted by on 31st Mar 2016)

    Tried the Trek, but the straps didn't work for me. After thinking about it for a few months and trying other options, decided to give these a go.

    Now I'm wishing I'd tried this model earlier! Loving them! Very happy.

    I spent the time to adjust them right - so the toe post aligns where I want - not pulling backwards, not pressing or pulling towards either toe, yet firm enough to not let the front flop down when stepping. There is a lot of adjustment options. Spend the time and play around with that and get the perfect fit for each foot. Don't settle for anything less. Once adjusted they are easy to slip on and off without changing that fit.

    I like that the straps have enough slack in them to allow wearing toe socks. Adjusting from bare to socks is easy and fast. And that the sole provides protection, while still letting through the ground feel.

    Very happy with this choice and they are now my everyday footwear.

  5. 5 Star Review

    Versatile, tough and great for balance

    (Posted by on 29th Mar 2016)

    Since purchasing my venture's I have gone for runs (<5kms) A few hikes and have worn them as a daily sandal in the summer.
    As a running shoe they are great - you really feel the road and I can already feel the change in the physiology of my feet. Unlike normal shoes I notice the surface I'm running on and my feet adjust very quickly.
    For hiking they are amazing - I went on a 4hr hike where we had to cross a river - unlike my friends I just walked right across. Got my feet wet and just kept going. Climbing on rocks I noticed that I picked a different path than others.
    I slipped off a rock once and the centre strap came off - I just pushed it back through and it was fixed! I broke and repaired by shoe in under 2mins.
    The only downside was getting sand in between my toes and feet. I had to stop and clean them before going on.
    My main recommendation is to get the adjustment of the straps as perfect as you can. Minor changes to the straps can really be felt in a few minutes - too tight the silicon rubs, too loose it slips off.

    At the end of the day these are very very comfortable and a great barefoot 'shoe'. They are miles better than my Vibram 5 fingers and are very robust.

    Just buy them.

  6. 4 Star Review

    very good but I don't like the silicon between my toes

    (Posted by on 18th Nov 2015)

    I find the silicon between my toes a little uncomfortable, I got a little blister on my left foot. it's not a big issue though. it took me a while to adjust laces to fit comfortably. some tips to adjust laces would have been great in the package.

  7. 5 Star Review

    Never running in sneakers again

    (Posted by on 6th Nov 2015)

    I had been using minimalist shoes for a while, which appeared to alleviate my ITB, but I after about 6km it kept coming back. I bought zero shoes hoping that they would force me to improve my form and avoid injuries.

    The first few runs were somewhat difficult. I had to reduce my pace, and I kept getting blisters in different spots. They also made a slapping noise with each step. Then I read some entries in the xero shoes block about how the slapping noise comes from overstraining. I tries to shorten my stride, and it worked out great. I am now running over 9km with no pain, no blisters, and no injuries. Running in xero shoes, i.e. barefoot, has improved my running dramatically. I highly recommend them. Note that it might take a few runs to get used to, but then you probably won't ever want to go back to regular running shoes.

  8. 4 Star Review

    Great for running

    (Posted by on 10th Jun 2015)

    very comfortable, strong and robust

  9. 5 Star Review


    (Posted by on 10th Feb 2015)

    Just bought my first pair of xeroes and I already love them. Very comfortable and easy to adjust. You can walk around or run in them. Flip flops on steroids ;-)

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