Activation & Performance Insole Bundle

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Experience the sensor stimulation & power of both the Naboso® Activation and Naboso® Performance Insoles. The difference in texture height provides an alternating sensory environment.  Vary the stimulation by day, footwear or activity to keep the feet and nervous system sensitive to the Naboso® texture and design.

Bundle Includes:

Naboso® Activation Insoles

Are you looking to increase your foot awareness and foot strength throughout your day?  Experience what it feels like to be connected to your foundation with the unique texture of the Naboso® Activation Insole.  Our insoles are the only sensory insole on the market that can improve foot strength and balance

Naboso® Performance Insoles

Bring the power of foot stimulation to the court, track or field with the Naboso® Performance Insole.  This moderate level stimulation is designed to enhance foot strength without getting in the way of the sport.