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Kelly Rivas explores Bangkok's forests in her Daylite Hiker


From exploring the busy Bangkok streets and parks, to hiking through beautiful forests in Thailand, the Daylite Hiker surely lives up to its name.

I finally bit the bullet, after months of contemplating whether I should buy a pair of Xero shoes, and I truly do love these shoes! I haven’t wanted to take these off since they arrived in the mail and now wear them everywhere. I’ve been wearing other barefoot/minimalist style shoes but nothing compares. The Xero daylite hikers are extremely lightweight, super comfy and water resistant. My feet stayed dry while hiking in Thailand, where I crossed creeks and walked through muddy tracks. I simply ran them under water to give them a quick clean that night and then they were good as new again. 

I keep getting compliments on the daylite hikers by friends and people at work now. I seriously only need one pair of shoes when travelling now!’

Xero Shoes - How to Plan your next family trip.

body{ font-family: 'Lato', sans-serif; } [...]

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Xero shoes - How Good Can a Run Feel ?


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Older Yet Faster: Technique Demonstration

Older Yet Faster : Technique demonstration from Soaring Video Sydney on Vimeo.

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Older Yet Faster: Heido's New Xero Shoes

Older Yet Faster : Heidi's new Xero shoes from Soaring Video Sydney on Vimeo.

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Chris Newby finishes the McLaren Vale Half Marathon in his Z-Trails

Just finished the McLaren Vale (South Australia) half marathon in my new z-trails. Happy with my time of 1:45, which made me the fastest - albeit only - guy in sandals there.

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Older Yet Faster: Keith chats about his Xero Shoes

Older Yet Faster : Keith chats about his Xero shoes from stuart greaves on Vimeo.

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The New Prio | Best Barefoot Running Shoes

They're here, They're finally here!Ever since I saw my first glimpse of the new XeroShoes Prio, I knew I had to have them. Their sleek design and barefoot pedigree made them shoes to be sought after, and now, here I sit, with the box open on my lap, and I have to say - I'm [...]

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