HFS II - Lightweight Road Runner (Men)

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“Best shoes I have ever worn. I actually get excited about putting them on each day.” – Douglas M.

HFS II – A New Take On Our Most Popular Running Shoe

An evolution of our best selling road running shoe, the HFS II is even more comfortable, and more stylish.

While we call it a road runner, we know you’ll do much more in it and can’t wait to see the pics of where it takes you and what you do.

Light, Grippier, and Comfier

Like the original HFS, the HFS II is super lightweight (8.3 oz, M9) so you’ll feel like you’re flying down the road. And with a new tire tread-inspired outsole, you’ll feel secure even if you go off road.

HFS II is so comfy, you might forget to take them off at the end of your run – we’ve even had people go to bed still wearing their shoes because they forgot they had them on!

We Haven’t Sole-d Out ?

The HFS II sole looks thick, but it’s an illusion.

We’ve added a thin BareFoam™ layer for extra protection and wrapped it, cup-like, around the upper giving the HFS II a more familiar-looking profile.

Made to Last

Like all Xero Shoes, the HFS II has a 5,000 mile sole warranty to outlast typical running shoes that are supposed to be replaced after 200-500 miles.

Why HFS?

Well, it could be for the “Highly Flexible Sole” that lets your foot move naturally, or the face you’ll make when you put it on — “Happy Face Shoe” — or the way you run in it with a “High Frequency Stride”, or what you exclaim when you put it on and feel the comfort and light weight: “Holy ___ ___!”

There are as many possible answers as there are things you’ll do in the HFS II.


If your feet don’t feel as good at the end of the day as they did in the beginning, you haven’t tried the HFS II.

Life-changing comfort and superior performance come from letting your feet do what’s natural – bend, move, flex and feel.

All Xero Shoes feature a wider, foot-shaped toe box that lets your toes spread and relax, a non-elevated “zero drop” heel for proper posture, low-to-the-ground design for perfect balance and agility, and a flexible sole that gives you “just right” protection so you can bend, move, flex, and Live Life Feet First!

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    Appears to be better traction than the HFS

    Posted by Danny De Schutter on 11th Apr 2024

    Early days, but the modified lug design from the original HFS is giving me better traction on the trail. As I use these 60/40 on/off road I'm curious to see how long the sole will last; the HFS lasted less than a year, far short of the 5,000 mile guarantee. The sole feels a little harder and makes a bit more noise when walking - suggesting a more durable compound. I've not yet used them in the rain to check grip. The comfort is great, and the size guide accurate. I got the grey ones which look fantastic for different uses

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    New to barefoot, these are great!

    Posted by Brendan on 7th Mar 2024

    My first barefoot shoe ever. Having been doing a lot of foot strengthening and bare feet walking around the house in preparation. I find these shoes very comfortable in my regular size, the fit is great and they are so light. Have been walking in them for a couple of weeks, up to 5km now a day and no problems. Yes the sole is firm but it is wearing in and possibly not a true barefoot shoe (for absolute purists who don’t want any insole) but for me it’s a great first shoe and does it all from walking the dog, light hiking on dirt to just hanging around the house and have even done a few short runs just to see how it feels. Overall excellent and no pain or uncomfortable blisters at all.

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    HFS - Lightweight Road Runner

    Posted by Peter Kolevski on 30th Nov 2023

    Extremely comfortable. Like a second skin.

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    HFS II - Lightweight Road Runner

    Posted by Timothy Perry on 26th Oct 2023

    Love these shoes. A lot firmer than my previous road shoes, but very comfortable. Have been running in barefoot style shoes for a while, so only big adjustment was getting used the harder feel of the ground. Also been wearing these when running on trails. Reminiscent of old school racing flats. Bought usual size 9 1/2, but had to upsize to 10. Very quick swap over.

  • 2

    Posted by Nick Magiera on 18th Oct 2023

    The original Xero HFS shoes are my favorite shoes of all time. The HFS2’s feel like an entirely different shoe. Way thicker sole and way worse feel. they’re very normal feeling shoes. Almost like a barefoot transition shoe. I know they say the foam is a “fake out just to make them look better” but it certainly feels like the foam is real and just has a horrible feel overall. Wish I could return them tbh. I have bought over 10 pairs of the original HFS shoes for myself and for friends because I want to share how great of a feel they are… sadly I feel the opposite about the HFS2s. They could be good if you’re looking for a transition shoe.

  • 5
    Love It.

    Posted by Patrick on 11th Sep 2023

    Will be using this for everyday wear. Love the ASPHALT / ALLOY colourway. Has everything I need for a barefoot shoe.