Ipari Prio for Women

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We recommend ordering your usual size.
Note: We resized the Prio on July 31st, 2019. If this style used to fit you in a size 9.5, then a size 9 should fit you now.

The Prio is the most comfortable shoe for everything you do.

Whether you’re out on a run, trying out a new trail, hitting the gym, or toeing a slackline, you’ll love the Prio’s combination of freedom and protection.

“Just-Right” Protection:

The Prio uses the same 5.5mm FeelTrue® rubber as our Z-Trek sandal, so you get great protection while still getting the ground feedback that your feet love. The optional 2mm insole lets you have more or less of a “barefoot feel” depending on your mood.


A women’s 7 is only 6.4 ounces each – you’ll barely notice you have them on.


Our Huarache sandal-inspired reflective heel and instep straps hold your foot securely – with or without socks – while keeping your toes free to move.

Plus, the Prio is made from 100% vegan-friendly materials.

Imagine you’ve just come home after a long day at work or on the trail. If you can’t wait to take your shoes off the moment you walk in the front door, you’ve been wearing the wrong shoes.

Life-Changing comfort and superior performance come from using your feet naturally.

That’s what Xero Shoes let you do.

Natural Fit. Natural Motion. Natural Feel.

Plus Xero Shoes are backed with a 5,000-mile sole warranty.


Check out these reviews from Prio wearers


We now recommend ordering your regular size.

Note: As of July 31st, 2019 we changed the sizing for the Women’s Prio. If you had ordered a pair before that date, a half-size down with our current sizing should fit you now.

*If you normally buy a Euro, UK or JP Size, check out the handy conversion chart below.

NOTE: The Prio fits like the TerraFlex, and has a wider toe box than conventional men’s shoes. If your feet are particularly wide, consider the Men’s Prio. Just make sure to adjust the size by 1.5 (for example, a men’s 8 is the same length as a women’s 9.5).

Any questions? Just call us at +61 414 265 398 or send us an email. We’re here to help.

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  • 5
    Best shoes ever!

    Posted by Ana on 21st May 2020

    I got converted to minmalist shoes 5 years ago. My first pair was another brand which I loved, but they started falling apart pretty quickly and I couldn't find anything else comfortable. I have been limping the shoes along for years trying to find a suitable replacement. I stumbled across the xeros and thought I would give them a try. I haven't worn anything else since I bought them. They are so comfortable and I love that they sell a women's shoe that isn't pink or purple. I am absolutely in love with these shoes!

  • 5
    Women's Prio

    Posted by Megan on 15th May 2020

    These shoes are everything I wanted them to be

  • 5
    I feel more nuance of movement in my body when walking in these shoes

    Posted by Sophie on 30th Mar 2019

    I bought these shoes for walking. I love that my toes feel completely free when walking and sitting. I feel more nuance of movement in my body when walking in these shoes. The shoes are incredibly light weight. They have a very clever lacing system which enables you to still get a perfect fit with narrow feet. Before purchasing I called Xeros twice with questions, so that I could be confident about both the size and style I was purchasing. Hamish was extremely helpful and patient on both occasions, and we got the size right first time! Five stars for both product and service. I plan to purchase more Xeros shoes, and from now on will only be wearing non-Xeros ‘heeled’ shoes where absolutely necessary.

  • 5
    Women's Ipari Prio review

    Posted by Heidi Jones on 28th Jun 2018

    Everything you need in a running shoe. Thin, flat, flexible with a wide toe box. I love the density of the rubber on the sole, some minimal shoes have a thin plastic type sole. This is the Goldilocks sole, not too hard, not too soft, just right! The zero drop sole is essential for running with good technique. Heidi, podiatrist.

  • 5

    Posted by Jane on 27th May 2018

    These were my first pair of Xero shoes. I became aware of barefoot shoes after listening to a podcast about Vivobarefoot shoes. So I ordered a pair, but wasn't completely happy with them. Then I read a review where Xero shoes were mentioned as being preferable to most other barefoot shoes - and they are. I haven't looked back. Now I wouldn't wear anything else. At first I wasn't sure if my toes were too close to the end of the Prio, but it only took a couple of wears for them to soften up and my toes feel fine now. I absolutely love the wide toe box (wider than Vivo) and the way the shoe doesn't have to be tight around the toe or middle of the foot to stay put, and that the ankle can be as tight as you like it. They feel secure and I feel completely in control of my foot. I wore them around the house for an hour or so each day for a week before venturing out on a long walk, although I don't think that is entirely necessary. They are very comfortable and walking in them is easy. I'm still striking my heel down on occasion - at which point my heels hurt, but each day I'm doing it less and planting the middle of my foot down and shortening my stride. I can't imagine wearing anything else now. I just wish there were more styles to chose from on the Australian website! I've also just started wearing Injinji toe socks, but would have liked to have been able to purchased from the Australian website as well. Overall a very happy experience!

  • 5

    Posted by Samantha on 19th May 2018

    I am so amazed at how comfortable these are! This is the first barefoot shoe I have ever owned, I 'm so glad I chose these as my first pair! They are now my go to shoe and I can't wait to buy them in another colour!

  • 5
    Love my new shoes

    Posted by Christina on 18th Apr 2018

    I have been wearing barefoot-style running shoes for the last few years, although they have become increasingly hard to find. The Prios are my first pair of constructed Xero shoes (I do have a pair of the DIY sandals that I tried to cut to better suit my feet with limited success). I have only run in the Prios twice so far, but there’s no need to wear them in. I think they are more comfortable than my previous minimalist shoes, striking the right balance between groundfeel and protection. Landing on rocks awkwardly hurts a little but that is a good thing - it reminds me to pay attention to foot placement. They are wider in the toe box, but the design allows a customised fit over the forefoot so my feet don’t slide around. I love the toe box, and plan to get some more injinji socks to really take advantage of toe freedom. I haven’t tested the Prios yet on more rugged trails but expect them to perform well. They seem to be constructed from more robust materials than my previous shoes which had to be retired because the uppers died in the Wonderlands run last year. Looking forward to testing that 5000 mile guarantee on the sole!

  • 5
    perfect shoe

    Posted by Rosie on 9th Jan 2018

    Only wish I’d bought these earlier. I was fed up with my foot almost rolling in my popular brand shoes due to the high soles. These are absolute heaven. I don’t want to take them off. I will never purchase another generic running shoe again. Xero all the way!!

  • 4
    Great Comfortable Shoe

    Posted by Melanie Morris on 31st Oct 2017

    I love these shoes just wish they came in more styles for every day "on trend" wear. There's no gross feeling of your toes squishing together and they're so comfortable!