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The patent-pending webbing system for the Veracruz literally came in a dream. And it feels equally dream-like on your foot. The woven toe loop fades into the background, the instep and heel straps practically disappear, and at just 7.0 ounces, you could forget you’re wearing a sandal at all...until you feel the grippy 3-layer FeelLite™ sole tackle surfaces like the geckos climbing in the webbing. Perfect for travel. It even floats!


It’s easy to find the right Xero Sandal size for you. The Veracruz fits true to size, so…
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NOTE: The Veracruz has a wider forefoot than ordinary sport sandals.

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Men’s Veracruz

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  • 2
    Not great

    Posted by Benjamin Spencer on 21st May 2024

    I had an issue where one of my feet twists so it's not centered on the sandal. Probably works okay if you're only walking with these but when I was running that twisting off center I think made me hurt my foot. I since bought the Z-trek which is so so good, much better to go with the Z-trek

  • 4
    Great Fit, Comfortable, lasts

    Posted by Justin on 24th Apr 2024

    This is my second pair ! Great fit, comfortable and hard wearing. First pair lasted nearly 4 years. Would have been an extra star if they had black as the khaki colour is only so so.

  • 5
    Comfortable, unique sandals!

    Posted by Brian L. on 8th Nov 2022

    The Veracruz sandals have essentially the same outsole and footbed as the Z-Trail EV, which makes them very comfortable and flexible; and they have great traction. The strap system is really unique and fits comfortably. For the little while that I tried these on, it barely felt like wearing any sandals at all. One thing that I'm not sure about yet is how well they stay in place. It seems that by adjusting the two straps, you can secure your ankle and rear part of your foot rather well. The toe strap is not adjustable, so unless you have a thicker toe (and mine aren't skinny, but they don't "fill" the toe loop) the front of the sandal seems like it could shift around a bit. As I have time to play with the straps, I'm going to see how well I can get my foot secured. As it is, these would be great for daily wear, but I'd be a little cautious with running/sports until I'm sure my forefoot isn't going to slide to the inside at all. Having an adjustable toe loop would eliminate that concern completely. Otherwise, I like that they are light and comfortable. I also love the design.. I got the green ones with the geckos/lizards on the straps, and I like that the footbed is a light color. I often take my sandals off near the water, and like the option of having lighter colors, so they don't get really hot if they are out for a little while in the sun.

  • 5
    Great quality

    Posted by Kody Luck-frahm on 17th Dec 2020

    Great quality, have bought another pair

  • 1
    Haven’t received them

    Posted by Paul Anderson on 1st Dec 2020

    I ordered a pair of these on 16th November, I was “invited” by email to review them on 24th November. So far, all my correspondence has been ignored by Xero Shoes. Today, 15 days after placing the order, I’m finally told they are actually on their way. 15 days later!! Is this what you guys call good customer service... ?!?!

  • 4
    Great fit. Great Value

    Posted by Justin on 9th Nov 2020

    Awesome sandals. Exactly as described. Protect your feet from the hot bitumen but still let you feel Like your barefoot.

  • 4
    Xero Vera Cruz Sandal

    Posted by Kevin Chow on 23rd Oct 2020

    Very comfortable sandal that fits true to size (Size US8 would be equivalent to EUR 41). A little fiddly to get on but feels great once on. I have the Amuri Cloud for casual wear and run in the Amuri Z-Trek, both with the heel cup cut off (I hate that heel cup!), and these Vera Cruz could replace them both.

  • 3
    Toe Loop

    Posted by Damian Booker on 9th Oct 2020

    The toe loop is a lot bigger on one than the other.

  • 1
    Poorly executed concept

    Posted by Zero Droppa on 8th Oct 2020

    Don't buy these. Not even for the $40 they're selling for. I own, use and love Z-Trail, Prio and Mesa Trail for their specific purposes. Figured I'd give the Veracruz a shot because it seems like a good concept and since they were $40. Bought two sizes with the intention to return one, ended up returning both. After hours of fiddling and trying to convince myself I like them, I returned them and that made me realise why they are being sold for $40 with free shipping and returns. It may be a good concept but it is executed poorly: -The heel strap that attaches near the little toe attaches on the actual footbed, which takes up significant room and that ends up twisting your foot off the sandal and also pressuring and rubbing that area of your foot. The Z-Trail attach on the outside of the footbed, this is a far superior design. -If you want a snug fit, you have to cinch down the ankle straps, if you do that the sandal has a tendency to fold due to the heel strap anchoring at a single point at the forefoot. -If you don't tighten the ankle straps you end up with a floppy sandal tugging on your big toe. If you do tighten the straps you end up with an incredibly uncomfortable sandal. There is no way to balance the tension and get a good fit without blisters, flapping, folding, twisting of foot off the platform. -The higher lugs on the forefoot actually make the sandal have a negative drop by apx. 2mm. -The lack of surface area due to the sparse lugs contacting the ground on the forefoot lead to quite a slippery surface when not on dirt/grass etc. -These issues lead to an incredible uncomfortable, unnatural and unusable sandal.

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