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Simplicity in motion. A ready-to-wear barefoot-inspired sandal for travel, walking, hiking, yoga, working out, paddling, even running ultra marathons.

Do everything. Go everywhere. Naturally.

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    Xero Genesis

    Posted by Andrew Robinson on 26th Feb 2021

    They are as comfy as advertised. They processed my order quickly. So good to have quick delivery of items so you can enjoy them while they are fresh in your mind

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    Huge improvement

    Posted by J on 23rd Jan 2021

    The laces on the old models were not elastic. This meant getting a snug fit was so difficult. They have slightly elastic laces now, making the fit absolutely easy to adjust and really snug and comfortable. They've also added a grippy forefoot texture on the sole to provide extra traction. These sandals are absolutely amazing. My foot measures 270mm and the size 10 Mens fits like a glove. To get the perfect fit, loosen the heel strap, slide your foot in, position your foot and now, adjust the laces, being very careful and not using force, you do this by grabbing the lace and pulling in a sideways direction from the hole. Don't pull upwards as you can damage the sandal. Adjust the side of lace that has a knot (left for the right shoe and right for the left shoe) so that the knot is sort of in the centre of your foot, after that's done, adjust the lace that goes to the toepost so that it's snuggly tight. Then finally, adjust the heel strap while the cup is in the right position on the heel. Now you're done and have the perfect fit.

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    Love these so far

    Posted by Blake on 20th Jan 2021

    Haven't had them long, but so far they're great. They look good and look well made and robust. One little thing is most people will probably need to tighten the straps around the top of the foot as they are too loose, Here's a good video explain it: - make sure to take them off before adjusting them to avoid damage. So far so good. I would buy another pair without hesitation if these last as long as they're supposed to (which I assume they will!)

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    Great Sandal

    Posted by Daniel on 21st Oct 2020

    Fits great and super flexible!

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    No more thongs

    Posted by Guy Ellis on 24th Sep 2020

    Once you fit it right to the foot using the online tutorial all that remains is to walk in them and it’s a total bare foot gated walking experience. It feels like you don’t have a shoe on ! I ordered the wrong size and the service was excellent getting me the correct one. I am loving the feel and the look !

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    Xero Genesis

    Posted by Chris on 2nd Feb 2020

    I had been using Luao sandals but they longer had a plant based option with a thin sole. That is why I got the Xero Geneses and it is awesome thank you, keep it simple, very well done. Cheers

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    Xero shoes, awesome!

    Posted by Christopher Gooden on 6th May 2019

    My main reason for buying a pair of xero shoes was to have a light and easily packable shoe for an upcoming trip to SE Asia, however they have become my go to footwear at home too. I usually go barefoot wherever I can and these are great for situations where that would be innappropate. The sole is very grippy yet transmits feel and slight stretch in the strapping makes them very comfortable. They look just like normal sandals so don't get any wired looks which is a bonus!

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    As close to barefoot as you can get

    Posted by Justin Ting on 1st Mar 2019

    The flexibility of the sole and ability to mould to any angle your foot bends is perfect for practising the technique of barefoot running, without actually running barefoot (there's no substitute to actually running barefoot every now and then!). While I don't use this for every run, the slappiness of the sole and toe post was actually an excellent training tool to improve my form, without necessarily placing excessive focus on my form while running. Reaching out even slightly too far forward would result in loud slapping, and any excess horizontal driving forward of the foot would result in excessive rubbing against the toe post, resulting in that spot being raw even during a run. Using the Genesis a couple times a week for my regular run has helped me improve my form, and in combination with other factors, reduced my niggles despite doing 5+ runs a week recently.

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    Great piece of kit to give the feet a workout, also perfect for travel

    Posted by Randonneur on 10th Oct 2018

    These are must-haves in every runner's collection. I run marathons in Hokas so is always in need of minimalist footwear to give the feet a workout and these are definitely more minimalist than my Fivefingers freeing up the feet. They also do double duty as travel footwear that can easily roll up and fit in your pocket, due to looking like flip flops does not attract attention like the Fivefingers. Sizing is true to size with a bit of give in the upper for comfort and it appears top quality materials is used likely to last a long time. Recommended.