Mesa Trail WP - Waterproof Trail Runner - Women

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“The Mesa Trail is already my all-time trail fave, but now I can comfortably wear it year-round. Game-changer!”
– Lisa H.

MESA TRAIL WP – Your Lightweight and Fully Waterproof Trail Runner

The waterproof counterpart to our best-selling trail shoe, the Mesa Trail II. When the weather turns damp and drizzly, your feet won’t notice thanks to the Mesa Trail WP’s seam-sealed inner bootie, gusseted tongue, and waterproof lining.

Whether you’re barreling down a trail or just strolling to the store, this shoe keeps moisture and debris at bay.


Lightweight and Durable

Weighing just 8 oz. for a women’s size 7, you’ll barely notice the Mesa Trail WP on your feet.

Its durable toe cap and tough sidewall welding provide the added protection you need for off-road endeavors.


Even out the Bumps and Feel Confident

Smooth out your run with the 3.5mm trail foam layer that’s hiding inside the Mesa Trail WP.

The Mesa Trail WP’s trail-friendly tread has taken countless Xero Shoes customers up and down nearly every trail, path, and mountain imaginable.


If your feet don’t feel as good at the end of the day as they did in the beginning, you haven’t tried the Mesa Trail WP.

Life-changing comfort and superior performance come from letting your feet do what’s natural – bend, move, flex and feel.
All Xero Shoes feature a wider, foot-shaped toe box that lets your toes spread and relax, a non-elevated “zero drop” heel for proper posture, low-to-the-ground design for better balance and agility, and a flexible sole that gives you the combination of grip, protection, and ground-feel your brain wants to help you Live Life Feet First.


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